From Wrong Ad Placement To Spelling Mistakes: Embarrassing Marketing Fails That Make Us Cringe

Some say that “any publicity is good publicity.” But there is something incredibly cringe-inducing about witnessing marketing mistakes. Here, we have rounded up the most embarrassing marketing fails and their categories. First, we have “Genius or Fail,” these marketing fails are so clear that you wonder if marketers did it on purpose. Secondly, “Spelling Fails,” if something represents your brand, please double-check your work. Thirdly, “Ad Placement Fails,” when one ad meets another and editors screw it up. And last but not least, “Miscellaneous Marketing Fails,” which cannot be categorized, except with the word WRONG.

Clearly confusing

You know joining fees, right? Those one-time payments cover the cost of getting a gym membership started. Those are fees paid by members in addition to their initial subscription payment before they are officially granted access to a club’s facilities.

Photo: Pinterest

So, this health & fitness club sign looks pretty confusing since it is definitely not free of charge if you actually have to pay. Next time, maybe you should probably make sure that you fire that marketing team.

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