How Many of These New Year’s Memes Can You Relate to?

The festive season is full of various happenings and moments that all of us can relate to, from unexpected visitors to food disasters and outfit drama. When it comes to New Year’s, there are many relatable situations, and these memes depict them hilariously. Here are five funny New Year’s memes encompassing our emotions and thoughts on the holday.

Is there a better excuse to get wild?

The holiday period blesses us with events that make us party and get a little (or a lot) drunk. However, the ‘never happens twice’ vibe of New Year’s makes us do the wildest things.

Courtesy: Mama’s Geeky

This meme depicts exactly how many people’s celebrations go; we can all relate to at least the getting drunk part. The funny thing about these wild celebrations is that you’ll already be wasted when the new year comes– hence the ‘Happy New Year’ in advance.

What is good for the goose might not be good for the gander

The arrival of the new year is a reason for celebration, but that doesn’t mean everyone is always up for partying.

Courtesy: Mama’s Geeky

This meme accurately shows the contrast of moods that occur on New Year’s Eve. There must have been a year when you didn’t feel like partying into the new year. On such days, you’ll think, “What’s so exciting? I just want to chill in bed!”

We know it’s not real; just go with the flow

Despite all the ‘don’t say what you don’t mean’ inspirational talks, most of us are still guilty of this. Well, on New Year’s Day, we do it with all ‘conviction’- just that all that ‘honest mood’ goes away on January 2.

Courtesy: Mama’s Geeky

We never get tired of making resolutions on the first day of each year; what makes it funny is that we know we might not follow through. So whenever we hear ‘New Year, New Me,’ we just go with the flow.

‘It’s a whole year, don’t you get it?’

Even though everyone knows there are only a few hours between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, it’s always fun to exaggerate it. Isn’t it funny to tell your neighbor, ‘See you next year’ when it’s just the next day?

Courtesy: Mama’s Geeky

This meme takes it to the next level by suggesting a funny and harmless prank. We can’t help but imagine the driver’s reaction when someone tells them they ordered the pizza ‘last year’, they’ll probably be lost for a second.

You can’t totally run away from the vibe

While it’s true that there are times when you don’t feel like partying with your friends and you just stay at home, the enthusiasm of entering a new year will surely hit you.

Courtesy: Mama’s Geeky

Of course, you won’t fall asleep, and even if you do, you’ll wake up before midnight. Regardless of where you are or how you’re feeling, the New Year vibe will keep you awake like it’s the day before your wedding!

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