Celebrating Chandler’s Sarcastic Comebacks in “Friends”: These Quips Will Always Make Us Laugh

The character of Chandler Bing, played by Matthew Perry, was a famously funny one that we can’t ever forget. While we admire his closeness to Joey in the show and his love for Monica, we’ll always be in awe of his witty and sarcastic comments and remarks. In this article, we’ll go back to those funny remarks he made that still crack us up. Let’s get right into it!

The electric drill joke

Joey and Chandler’s friendship was the OG bromance. Their closeness makes us smile and their immaturity makes us cringe sometimes. But their rapport always cracks us up. In Season 1, Episode 5, Joey helps Chandler out with renovating the apartment, but an accident almost happens.

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After drilling a hole right near Chandler’s head, Joey asked, “Did I get you?” Well, Chandler’s sarcastic response was, “You get me, you kill me.” Well, if he ‘got’ him, he wouldn’t need to ask.

The famous ‘could’ lines

Most fans of Chandler Bing know that “could you” always symbolizes the beginning of several of the character’s sarcastic quips. The phrase has become so famous that even his friends on the show use it as a joke.

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Of course, these quips sound funnier when delivered by Chandler himself. When Chandler finds Ross staring at Rachel, he asks, “Could you want her more?”. Another one of his famous ‘could’ lines was when he asked, “Could she be more out of my league?” 

Sarcasm instead of advice

Even in real life, some people are just so playful and sarcastic that asking them for advice would earn you anything but meaningful advice. In the episode, “The One with the Tea Leaves,” Rachel shares her relationship concerns with Chandler.

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As expected, he had no relationship advice to give her. Rather, his response was hilarious. He asked Rachel if he could interest her in a sarcastic comment. Honestly, we could ask Rachel what she was expecting if not sarcasm.

He says it, and he knows it

It’s always interesting when a funny person knows how funny they are and is proud of it. Season 4, Episode 16 of “Friends” reminds us of how confident Chandler is about his ability to deliver sarcastic comments.

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In this episode, Phoebe develops different pregnancy cravings, and Chandler nicknames her ‘cereal killer’ for it. To defend himself when Monica gives him a disapproving look, he says, “I say more dumb things before 9 a.m. than most people say all day.”

An honest, one-of-a-kind introduction

Everyone has a go-to defense mechanism when uncomfortable; as for Chandler, it’s sarcasm. In Season 6, Episode 24, Chandler runs into Monica’s ex on a date with her– and he gets so uncomfortable.

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He made fun of Richard’s mustache and Monica’s lack of one. When he realized that his joke wasn’t funny at all, he resorted to introducing himself as Chandler, the one who makes jokes when he’s uncomfortable. An explanation once and for all, isn’t it?

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