Here Is A Psychic Vision: These “Wednesday” Memes Will Make Us Cackle

We have all been gripped by Wednesday ever since it debuted on Netflix. With 341.2 million hours watched, it has surpassed this streaming platform’s previous record for the most hours watched in a week for an English-language series! These kinds of viewership numbers always astound us, but another thing has surprised us: the sheer number of Wednesday memes. We will never get over how Jenna Ortega served and slayed throughout the entire show. Here are the top Wednesday-related memes currently going viral online.

This is how they filmed Thing

In The Addams Family series, it is shown that Thing has been with this family since Gomez was a child in a flashback episode about how Gomez and Morticia met, indicating that Thing is the son of a previous generation of hand-servants.

Photo: Netflix

Victor Dorobantu’s hand plays Thing in the 2022 live-action Netflix original series Wednesday. Gomez assigns him to look after Wednesday while she attends Nevermore Academy, but Wednesday forces him to assist her in delving into the mysteries surrounding the institution.

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