These People Had One Job And Still Managed To Fail

The Chernobyl disaster occurred in 1986 when technicians at a nuclear reactor attempted a poorly designed experiment. This accident stunned the world, permanently altered a region, and left many questions unanswered. So, just as those technicians had one job and managed to screw things up and create a tragedy, the following workers did not seem to be paying enough attention to their tasks that day. Everybody makes mistakes, but these fails are so plain to see that it is hard to believe that they did not notice!

No quality control for stuffed toys

Do you know the story of the Tangerine Bear? Tangerine, the teddy bear, has an accident that causes his mouth to be sewn upside-down, resulting in him being thrown away. He struggles to find a family that will accept him for who he is, “flaws” and all.

Photo: Reddit

This is a heartwarming story that teaches kids that everybody is different and perfect just the way they are. But in this particular case, it would have been better if this brand hired a quality control manager so that these things do not happen so often.

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