Honestly, It’s Hard to Keep Up: These Memes Show How Funny Millenials’ Dress Sense Seems to Gen Z Kids

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are always at loggerheads on different issues due to their varying, almost contradicting opinions. Well, when it comes to fashion, the gap between the two generations is even wider. It’s not news that Gen Z kids often make fun of millennials’ fashion. These memes are about millennial fashion styles that Gen Z’ers find hilarious.

From the front to the back

The front tuck, which involved tucking a little bit of a top or sweater into one’s pants, was a classic style that only the coolest people rocked. Well, that style has been tagged as ‘outdated’; it’s now a millennial signifier.

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Especially on TikTok, there are several videos where millions of people try to show their struggle in changing to the back tuck that is trending. Well, some millennials have sworn to continue their front tuck and ignore Gen Z’s back tuck trend.

Oversized T-shirts aren’t the same for both generations

It’s funny how Gen Z’ers always find a way to differentiate their style from millennials, even when they are so alike. While both millennials and Gen Z ladies wear oversized T-shirts, there is a difference.

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While Gen Z’ers tuck the back of their T-shirts into their pants, wearing oversized shirts over biker shorts is regarded as a millennial signifier. Gen Z kids just can’t make sense of wearing T-shirts without tucking them in.

Skinny jeans have to leave for good

While millennials didn’t popularize skinny jeans, it was one of the most common styles in the past two decades. Well, on the other hand, Gen Z’ers are all for baggy jeans and pants.

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While this is not an issue in itself for millennials, there is a slight problem. When a millennial doesn’t feel like wearing skinny jeans, they just don’t know what else to wear to look good. Isn’t that frustrating?

Still making a statement…in a different way

Statement necklaces were a major feature of the 2010 fashion; they were cute and hard to miss with large chunks of steel stone. To Gen Z girlies, these necklaces are not attractive in any way.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Although the charm necklaces that Gen Z’ers wear today look a bit similar to what millennials wore back then, they are more sleek. Well, if we’re been honest, those millennial statement necklaces look like traditional costumes.

Millennials’ socks also show off their age

Another major millennial signifier is the type of socks they wear and how they wear them. Millennials are used to wearing ankle socks, so it’s not so easy for them to adapt to the current trend in socks.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Gen Z’ers often wear thick white socks over the top of their leggings and pair them with crocs, while most millennials don’t know how to go about it. Gen Z girlies can’t help but laugh at a millennial wearing computer socks or any other regular type over their leggings.

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