Full Cover Umbrellas and Dropper Glasses? These Inventions Prove Japan is Living in the (Hilarious) Future

Japan has always been known for amazingly unique inventions; from robotics to public transportation, they have always stood out. Well, while it’s true that their technological prowess is world-recognized, the land of the rising sun also has some complicated and even funny innovations too. This article is dedicated to those old Japanese inventions that are weirdly specific, hilarious, and brilliantly ahead of their time. Let’s get into it!

Handkerchief: Out. Toilet Paper Hat: In

Tissue dispensers just make it easier to fetch tissue paper, and it’s amazing to think that the Japanese invented these tools years ago. But their version wasn’t like what we see in toilets today.

Courtesy: Instagram

The old Japanese dispensers work the same way as the ones we have, but that’s where the similarities end. The old dispensers were strapped to people’s heads! Although the tissue is within easy reach, does it have to be carried on the head?

Let the Culprit Clean It Up

Babies mess up the house a lot, but do they ever clean up after themselves? No, that’s what parents are for. But any idea that makes it easier to clean the house up is always welcome. That must’ve been the reasoning behind this baby mop invention.

Courtesy: Instagram

First, the mop fringe makes the onesie look like a chicken costume. But the funniest thing is imagining how this mop was used to clean liquid; the baby would have to slide on their chest! It wouldn’t be wrong to call the baby a mop, would it?

Did they have to carry it?

Do you have a cool outfit that you just can’t bring yourself to wear because of one feature? Well, that’s exactly how we feel about this rainwater collection device.

Courtesy: Instagram

Of course, it’s a good device for collecting water, especially in a place with water scarcity. But what we can’t help but ask is why it couldn’t be placed in the yard or somewhere around. Why should we walk around to collect rainwater?

An eye drop funnel; No drop is wasted

While it seems like the simplest thing to do, using eye drops can be such a task. That’s why many people empty their whole bottles in a few, having wasted most of their contents.

Courtesy: Instagram

These dropper glasses carry out the job without leaving space for any mistakes- each drop goes to the exact place you send it. But who wouldn’t laugh at the sight of these overly complicated glasses? 

Walking in a world of your own

This full-cover umbrella will definitely stand out wherever you go; not many people would walk on the street covered in tarpaulin or nylon, all in the name of staying dry. However, the umbrella cubicle seems functional.

Courtesy: Instagram

There is no chance of the person under (sorry, inside) the umbrella getting wet. But, it makes us wonder how the person using the umbrella won’t get suffocated. Imagine a friend inviting you to share this umbrella- it’s a big ‘no, thanks.’

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