Who Isn’t Saying “Yes, Chef!” to This? The Funny Reactions to Jeremy Allen White’s Calvin Klein Ad

There was nothing regular about Thursday, January 4, the day we all woke up to Jeremy’s thirst traps all over the internet. Jeremy Allen White has been a TV heartthrob since his breakout role as Philip in “Shameless.” But seeing him wearing only a pair of Calvin Klein boxers, socks, and high tops has turned more people into fans. The internet went wild, work seemed to stop, and the reactions were hilarious. This article will explore the funniest reactions.

Hearing and seeing are two different things

While it’s true that you can get a clear idea of something based on what you heard about it, your reaction can’t be as sharp as when you randomly see it yourself. Many people had no idea of the Jeremy Calvin Klein pics– they suddenly saw them.

Courtesy: TikTok

This TikTok video shows the sharp reaction people had when they randomly saw the pics on Instagram. Of course, she had to remove the glasses to be sure she wasn’t just seeing things.

They definitely knew who their targets were

Although boxer ads are meant to be for men, you’ll agree with us that the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein video advertisement was made for another demographic. The girls and the gays were living for this collaboration.

Courtesy: Tiktok

The TikTok video shows girls gathered with utmost attention to view the sensational pics and short video like it was a blockbuster movie. They can’t even deny seeing ladies as their target while planning the advert. Well, boxers are common Valentine’s Day gifts.

They would have been good work partners

It’s not a new thing for a super hot actor to model for an artist, is it? Whether it’s a painting or a photo shoot, who wouldn’t want a beautiful body in their work? So this Twitter post makes absolute sense. 

Courtesy: Twitter

The tweet claims that the famous artist Michelangelo would have loved Jeremy Allen White if he were alive. Of course, some people have already imagined a Jeremy Allen White nude painting.

Well, nobody is blaming anybody

Have you ever done something bad but been not so remorseful because others did the same thing? Well, that’s probably the excuse of everyone who has ogled at the Jeremy Calvin Klein pics.

Courtesy: Twitter

We’re sure this tweeter isn’t alone- many people have shouted and even whispered their love for the pics when no one was watching. Who’s blaming anybody? Who are we to stop him from serving more?

A closer picture always gives a better perspective

It’s normal for people to double-tap on their phone screens to get a clearer picture of something they find interesting. In the case of the Jeremy Allen White Calvin Klein thirst traps, we’re sure most people did just that.

Courtesy: Twitter 

This tweet captures the scenario quite perfectly; everyone focuses on the pictures and zooms in to get all the ‘details.’ Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well; do you disagree?

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