Back To School Again?! These Memes Perfectly Depict Every Student’s Pains

Who gets excited at the thought of going back to school? Definitely not students. When someone says something about school resuming soon, you feel like whacking them in the head (except they’re your parents). Getting back into the school struggle after weeks of holidays is frustrating; you now have to wake up early, sit for hours, and even do assignments…ugh! Since it’s inevitable, we’ve compiled these relatable back-to-school memes to entertain you.

If only we could do this part and skip the rest

When you think of how close school resumption is, you feel miserable and even scared. In such a moment, even an innocent TV commercial seems to remind you of  the ‘impending doom.’

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Fresh school supplies are worth getting excited over, though! Who doesn’t get excited about having a new pack of pencils, pens, notebooks, and binders? Shopping for brand-new cute school supplies is exciting, at least; it will make you look forward to resuming- for a while.

The worst icebreakers: why can’t teachers see that we don’t like it?

You’re not alone in feeling sad about going back to school. In an attempt to break the ice, teachers try to make students interact. But couldn’t they find another way, honestly?

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Telling students to introduce themselves is still one of the most common icebreakers. The problem is that, as students, we dislike the idea of introducing ourselves- especially when we have to stand while doing it! 

The longest week of all time

Being in the Hunger Games Arena seems like a small feat compared to the struggles of surviving the first week of school. The frustration of adjusting to the annoying wake-up time is enough to feign an illness or wish for a disaster.

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During the first week back, it’s like all the forces are against you– your clothes and socks seem to be hiding, you have to run breathlessly not to miss the bus, you feel sleepy in class, and the list goes on. It’s worth an award!

Different strokes for different foes

Resumption week doesn’t only affect students; it affects others, too; it’s a roller coaster of emotions for everyone involved. Everyone knows students belong to the most pained category. Even teachers don’t find resumption fun either- they also feel frustrated.

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Teachers also wish they could skip work. But what about moms? They are in the happy people category – their happiness can be so annoying to their already-unhappy kids. They want you to take pictures and smile like it’s your birthday- but it is not!

Oh, you don’t have to remind me!

As a student, you know the exact day you’re starting school, although you try not to think about it. But seeing a reminder? Now that’s real frustration. It spoils your mood; images of the most unpleasant school stuff flash through your mind.

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You already know, but stumbling on a back-to-school ad while looking at something funny suddenly brings back the dread. It almost feels like trauma; you begin to hyperventilate and feel sick. Being in the hospital even seems like a better option.

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