You Mean These People Were Sighted On The NYC Subway? It’s Truly A Weird World

Although unusual things happen daily, you’ll agree with us that some weird things and occurrences are specifically weird. When you’re on the NYC subway, there are lots of weird people and things for you to see, just like any other crowded place. We’ve compiled five funny and weird subway sightings from the Instagram page Subwaycreatures. Let’s get started!

Now, who wouldn’t imagine far and wide?

Regardless of how lazy you may be, there are some ‘triggers’ that make you think in different dimensions within a short time. This young man’s handmade banner is definitely one of such triggers. You just can’t just ignore the uneasy feeling. 

Courtesy: Instagram

Imagine seeing this guy on the subway. Wouldn’t your legs unconsciously move away from him after you’ve read his ‘story?’ Although some would be curious enough to peek at the guy’s face or his neck, most of us would avoid him.

Dog lives matter, ma’am!

This is one typical example of those weird subway sightings that make you want to tap the person. The young lady looks like the regular lady next door- until you look at the pup she’s holding.

Courtesy: Instagram

We can’t help but wonder if the mask was meant to be a form of punishment for ‘misbehavior’- maybe the dog ate her chocolate cookies. Although it may have been an innocent mistake, it looks like the poor dog was intentionally positioned. 

Showcase your profession- maybe not to that extent

It’s usually interesting, even impressive sometimes, to see people in their work uniforms on the subway. Nobody would cringe at an engineer with his helmet on the bus; little did we know it could go wrong. 

Courtesy: Instagram

This meat man doesn’t need to tell anyone what he does; we already know. But the traumatizing part is the meat he hung like exhibits all over his jacket. What would it cost him to remove that bloody apron and jacket at his shop?

Oh, we didn’t know there was a subway Halloween

When it’s Halloween period, we can’t be shocked by any weird or even spooky costume on the subway or somewhere else. But it’s a different scenario when it’s not Halloween, and someone dresses creepyly on the bus.

Courtesy: Instagram

In this image, this man is fully clad in a scary costume that totally looks out of place on the subway. Looking at the other people around him, it’s not Halloween. It’s crazy that this man just dressed up to creep people out, or maybe he’s an actor. 

Our bad, we didn’t know skincare didn’t have a ‘venue’

While there is no explicit restriction when it comes to where you can use your skincare products or treatments, some places are just not appropriate. You can easily use lip gloss in the subway, but a face mask?!

Courtesy: Instagram

This lady’s justification would probably be that it makes no difference if she exfoliates on the bus or at home. But we’re wondering, can she feel comfortable closing her eyes like that with people around?

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