The New Year Has Just Begun but Many Funny Things Have Already Happened: These Memes Capture the Interesting Experiences of 2024

New year, new memes. There are many relatable experiences that we’ve all faced since we entered 2024. Several pop culture and political flops have also entertained us in the few weeks we’ve spent in this new year. From the viral Jeremy Allen x Calvin Klein ads grabbing everyone’s attention to the funny incidents at the Golden Globe Awards, we still laugh about these incidents. Here are five memes about our 2024 experiences so far.

For all your friends participating in ‘Dry January’

From Halloween and Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we’ve surely had a lot of alcoholic beverages to drink. Our numerous drinks during the festive periods brought about the Dry January trend- so how has it been going?

Courtesy: Cheezburger

Dry January is all about abstaining from alcohol- and, of course, it’s never a smooth journey. Most people are counting down to the next month when they’ll be free. That might just be why your boss has been grumpy.

Generous Jeremy

We were innocently getting adapted to the new year when Calvin Klein and Jeremy Allen White initiated a frenzy. Ad pictures of Jeremy scantily clad were on billboards and all over the internet!

Courtesy: Knowyourmeme

Of course, the guys didn’t react like the ladies did. For them, it was about comparing themselves to Jeremy, just like the guy in the meme. Can anyone hate Jeremy for these generous pictures?

Screaming ‘Yes, Chef!’

As Jeremy Allen White and Calvin Klein served us those sexy pictures on January 4, we couldn’t resist saying, “Yes, chef”, referring to his hit show “The Bear.” You know, if Jeremy wants to be the object of our fantasies, why not?

Courtesy: Knowyourmeme

Ladies kept going back to the pictures for days after it first hit the internet. Even the biggest nerds learned about the pictures from their friends- and nobody, not one, said ‘no’ to them.

There are always exceptions

Rules always have exceptions- even though some exceptions may be hilarious because the rules are questionable in the first place. Many people have concluded that the Golden Globes aren’t real because their faves never win.

Courtesy: Twitter

So what happens when they win? They make exceptions, of course. This user’s status is exactly the perspective of many loyal fans on the Golden Globe Awards day- if it’s for our celeb, it’s valid.

The real award highlight

It’s not news that the stage doesn’t always have our 100% attention, especially when our favorite celebs are in the audience. Well, this year’s Golden Globe Awards isn’t an exception.

Courtesy: Twitter

Although we have no idea what they were talking about, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s reactions to each other’s gossip were an interesting highlight. At least, it was a good way to shift focus from watching Kylie and Timothee make up every 30 seconds.

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