The Best Part of Creative Halloween Costumes: Laughing About The Horrible Fails

Halloween is a yearly festival and there are always different things that make each year’s celebration unique. When it comes to costumes, each year gives us surprises that make us laugh. People go all out with trendy and creative costumes, especially DIY ones. However, they don’t always meet the mark. These costume fails are just as memorable as the perfect costumes. In this article, we’ve compiled five Halloween costume fails found on the internet.

United we stand, divided we’re nobody

It’s not news that most Halloween costumes are meant to look like fictional characters. However, it’s also your job as the wearer of a costume to not let us wonder who (or what) you’re dressed up as.

Courtesy: Pinterest

These ladies are SpongeBob, Patrick, and Gary, but we only know that because they are standing together. We can imagine people asking each of them what they were dressed as when they weren’t in their group.

Message well received

While everyone says that a good Halloween costume is one anyone can easily decipher, some people have taken it the wrong way. They have a perfect costume as long as they are passing a message.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Well, this picture shows how wrong that idea can be. This man is literally telling us that he can’t find a Halloween costume- we get the message, but he should have sat in his room instead of taking this picture, don’t you think?

When will these regular costumes stop?

Seriously, aren’t you tired of seeing Halloween costumes that make you wonder if the person wearing them didn’t know it was Halloween? Well, we are! This could pass as a wedding reception outfit, not a Halloween costume.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The young lady in the picture is wearing a mermaid-ish dress; you have to think and think to see she was dressed as Elsa from “Frozen.” People who don’t remember Elsa in a green dress would have no idea. Just why?

Oh, Purple is the new Blue

Of course, most of the Halloween costume fails we see result from a dial-minute mistake. The wearer has to make do with the wrong thing since it’s too late to do anything about it.

Courtesy: Pinterest

These girls obviously planned to dress up as the Blue Man Group. But which group did they end up creating, the Purple Man Group? Imagining their faces when they saw that the paint was purple is hilarious enough.

What an innovative idea

Did we say the worst Halloween fails were those that kept people guessing what you were dressed as? Sorry, it’s like this kid has given us a reason to reconsider– his costume takes the hat.

Courtesy: Pinterest

We can see the grass on his body, but who dresses up as grass? Also, why was he ‘sparingly clad’ in grass? You know, we can count how many leaves were on his body. Well, it’s still a costume innovation- one that no one should try.

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