You Should Watch These Funny Episodes Of The Office Again (And Again)

The American remake of The Office is unarguably one of the funniest TV comedy shows of all time. The antics of Dunder-Mifflin employees remain hilarious no matter how often fans watch them. Countless episodes have some of the funniest moments and most quotable lines on television. We’ve compiled the five funniest episodes of The Office for you to rewatch.

The Office “Business School” Episode (S03 E16)

One of the funniest “The Office” episodes is when Michael puts on a big performance. In “Business School,” he is invited to be a guest speaker at Ryan’s class, where he hopes to inspire a new generation of professionals.

Seeing Michael rip out a student’s textbook and throw candy bars at them in the name of sharing great wisdom gets funnier every time you watch it. To make it even better, Dwight has a bat loose in the office while Jim convinces him that he is becoming a vampire.

The “Scott’s Tots” Episode (S06 E12)

Sometimes, even Michael can be a sweetheart. In the “Scott’s Tots” debacle, Michael is forced to confront his biggest mistake as he promised a class of underprivileged students he would pay for their tuition when they graduated high school. 

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As many expect, Michael is far less rich than he thought he would be when the time comes and can’t keep his promise. What follows is one of the most cringe-inducing and awkwardly hilarious episodes in the entire series.

The “Customer Survey” Episode (S07 E07)

As great as Jim and Dwight are as enemies, they are sometimes even more entertaining as allies. After getting unusually poor performance reviews, they find themselves in the odd position of being on the same side. Their banter is a major highlight of the show.

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Even as allies, Jim can’t help but mess with Dwight in a hilarious mock sales call. There are also some very funny moments with Jim’s super tiny Bluetooth earpiece he uses to discreetly talk to Pam and, of course, confuse Dwight.

The “Broke” Episode (S05 E25)

What could be funnier than seeing Michael as an underdog with ill-conceived ideas? “Broke” follows Michael, Pam, and Ryan at their newly established Michael Scott Paper Company. While the business has become a competitor to Dunder-Mifflin, Michael soon finds they are going broke. 

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The interactions between Michael, Pam, and Ryan as a surprisingly good team are endearing to rewatch. There are also some great moments with Dwight trying to bring down the Michael Scott Paper Company and Jim continuously getting in his way.

“The Injury” Episode (S02 E12)

It’s always fun to laugh at Michael Scott because, when he’s not being sweet, he’s often an attention-seeking man-child. This episode perfectly explains why Michael is always a fun butt of the joke. This episode is probably the funniest.

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After burning his foot in a breakfast-in-bed mishap, Michael becomes insufferable and demanding to everyone around him. Aside from the ridiculous injury and Michael’s childish behavior, the episode gets several moments that make people laugh out loud from a concussed Dwight. 

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