How Many of these Did You Post: These Internet Trends Made 2023 a Memorable Year

This year was an eventful one for the internet, considering the trends millions of people jumped on. While we’re still posting about the “Girl Dinner” trend, influencers are calculating “Girl Math”. What made this year’s internet trends so interesting is that they were a battle of sexes; each sex was showing off vibes that made them unique. Here are five of those viral social media trends.

Trend jacking

From the name, you already know we’re referring to the popular strategy where brands create content using trending hashtags and sounds. Many popular brands used trendjacking to gain better exposure this year.

Courtesy: TikTok

When Coldplay’s Asian tour was announced in June, different brands like Durex Malaysia and Netflix Indonesia jumped on the publicity. Also, brands like Foodpanda released TikTok videos using the Taylor Swift Eras tour concept.

Lavender Sharpie

This trend reminds us of how important public opinion is to brands these days. Earlier this year, a TikTok page narrated the adventures of the fictional ‘Sharpie’; the video currently has over 38 million views. What was the concept?

Courtesy: TikTok

It was a series called ‘Sharpie High’ where different Sharpie markers were named after their colors. By saying all was fine until Lavender Sharpie showed up, the trend playfully canceled the marker color. Eventually, Sharpie’s official account removed the lavender color.

Tube Girl

Even if we could forget other 2023 TikTok trends, we surely won’t forget the Tube Girl trend. The trend started when a Malaysian content creator, Sabrina Bahsoon, filmed herself lip-syncing and dancing on the London Underground, i.e., the Tube.

Courtesy: TikTok

The video now represents the confidence to enjoy oneself and make funny videos even in places where people usually don’t want to show off. Several people are still jumping on this trend; the original video currently has over 1.7 billion views.


The “Barbie” movie trend was an explosive one on all social media platforms; you’ll agree with us. On the other hand, the Mojo Dojo Casa House trend involved guys making different random videos depicting different amazing abilities.  

Courtesy: TikTok

The release of the movie on the same day as the “Oppenheimer” movie brought about the Barbienheimer hashtag. Using the hashtag, people made videos and memes about how they were loyal to both movies.

Girl Math

This is another one of those trends that showcase the uniqueness of women who are sometimes funny and crazy. The Girl Math trend is about ladies cutting themselves some slack instead of overthinking every tiny purchase.

Courtesy: TikTok

According to Girl Math, buying something with cash means getting it for free, and buying luxury goods is an investment. There are several videos on TikTok based on this trend because every lady can relate to the concept.

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