Online Dating Gone Wrong: These Dating App Convos Will Make You Laugh and Cringe

Many people don’t like the idea of using dating apps. But that doesn’t change the fact that it can be fun- there are even (slight) chances of meeting your soulmate. However, these dating app moments will make you try online dating just to experience the thrills and laughs- not all, though. These five dating app scenarios from different dating apps are relatable and hilarious.

Doesn’t this sound suspiciously specific?

Have you ever been in a virtual conversation that made you look up from your phone in suspicion? We think that’s how the recipient of this suspicious threat must have felt. Looking at what the guy sent to the lady, you’ll agree with us.

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As much as many might want to fault the lady for insulting the guy, his icebreaker was, truthfully, a miss. Who starts a conversation with the other party’s height? But then, what made him think of her refrigerator? Isn’t that funny?

Excuse me; you call this wit?

The last time we checked, a witty comment turns heads and makes people laugh. Well, this young(or old) guy has given us a reason to check again. His first message had us hoping for a witty introduction- what a disappointment!

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We can’t possibly imagine what this person interprets as wit. His so-called witty introduction doesn’t even pass for a pick-up line in the least. However, it’s hilarious–so that’s something, isn’t it?

Who knew red flags were magnetic?

Red flags are called so for a reason- they are toxic or dangerous signs that tell people to avoid getting close to something or someone. Well, this young man claims to go in a different direction whenever he sees a red flag.

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He is a self-acclaimed red flag lover, people! According to this user, red flags attract him, and he heads toward them like a bull. But we can’t deny the fact that it sounds funny- it’s not regular.

Could anyone be more honest?

From Tinder to other dating apps, some users exaggerate everything on their profile to seem more impressive. On the other hand, others are downright honest. This user belongs to the latter group, no doubt.

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The first line of the description sounds like what a narcissistic person would write- and that’s what makes the second sentence so funny. Creatively and honestly, this user gave people the real picture!

Oops, that went in the wrong direction

We’ve all experienced or witnessed awkward situations when an innocent joke becomes a seriously offensive statement. The conversation in the picture is a classic example. The guy’s playful comments went in the wrong direction.

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Clearly, the lady didn’t understand the guy’s initial message. Then, to lighten the mood, he made the mistake of mentioning an eyepatch; he probably thought the lady wore it in her display picture just for the sake of it. We hope he apologized, though.

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