New Girl’s Nick Miller: These Lines Capture the Memorable and Quirky Moments of the Ultimate Roommate

Nick Miller is one of the funniest characters in the sitcom “New Girl.” From his inability to understand modern stuff to his belief and disbelief in things, Nick always gets into hilarious situations that make us laugh. Whether he’s being his childish self or he’s trying to act like a grownup, Nick delivers funny lines that we’re never tired of hearing. Which one do you recite the most?

“I will push if I want to”

Nick Miller isn’t just a humorous character; he’s also one of the most stubborn guys in the show. This line hilariously combines Nick’s wordplay skills and his hilarious stubbornness.

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Nick kept on pulling at a door that obviously should be pushed, insisting that he would only push if he wanted to. Of course, the door didn’t budge- and that made the frustrated guy shout, “I hate doors!”

“Sometimes, up close, art is ugly”

Do you know the saying that art is best regarded from a distance? Well, Nick turned this famous statement into a hilarious line to describe his ‘well-thought-out’ prank to Jess, who didn’t support it.


Nick planned to prank Schmidt into thinking he was wetting himself by filling a jar with pee and pouring it over his bed. The way he makes a serious look as he compares his prank to art makes this one of his funniest moments.

“If we needed to talk about feelings, they would be called ‘talkings'”

Generally, many people don’t like talking about how they feel because it makes them vulnerable. Every “New Girl” fan would agree that Nick is not the ‘talk about feelings’ type.


When his panic about his relationship became a bedroom issue, he refused to talk about it because they were feelings, not ‘talkings’. Although we love the hilarious quote, we’re glad he eventually had some ‘talkings’ with Jess.

“Life sucks, and then it gets better, and then it sucks again”

This line isn’t just one of the funniest Nick lines in the sitcom; it’s also the most real. Nick tells Jess that navigating life is like riding a roller-coaster in a typical, hilarious Nick manner.

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Jess admitted that life sucks as she cried over losing her teaching job; then Nick decided to comfort her and used this funny line. Although it’s not exactly a comforting statement, it gave the desired effect– Jess laughed.

“Yeah, I’d trust Beyoncé with my life”

Have you ever been in a situation where you ‘mistakenly’ admit something even though you intended to argue against it? Well, the argument where Nick used this line is one of those sarcastic situations.


When Nick started to rant about how people who wore wigs shouldn’t be trusted, Cece mentioned that his statement wasn’t always true. She said Beyoncé wears a wig and she could trust her with her life– Nick immediately agreed with her point, being a Beyoncé fan. 

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