Apparently, Men Love To Ride On Horses Shirtless, And These Photos Prove It

The Internet is a strange place. One day, you see people on Reddit discussing serious matters, like global warming and women’s rights, and the next, you find an entire thread dedicated to shirtless men riding on horses. Yes, you read us right: grown-up men without shirts sitting on the backs of poor equids that don’t understand a thing about what’s happening. The premise is as absurd as it sounds, so we’ve compiled some hilarious photographs of this strange phenomenon. Let’s take a look at them!

The picture that started everything

In August 2009, the world was completely shaken. People wake up to a picture that they never expected to see in their lives. The shocking photo showed a powerful politician riding a horse shirtless on a mountainous landscape. Do you know what image we’re talking about?

Image courtesy of

This picture of Putin showing off his presidential dad bod while riding a horse shirtless is so ridiculous that we couldn’t help but laugh and look for similar photos of other people on the Internet. And, to our surprise, we found dozens of men doing the same thing!

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