Trick-or-Treat Baggage Theft: These Kids’ Reactions To Jimmy Kimmel’s Trick Are Hilarious

After parading and gathering a full bag of trick-or-treat goodies, hearing that their baggage has been raided and their treats consumed by their parents is enough to drive kids crazy. Jimmy Kimmel brought up an annual challenge where parents made kids believe they had eaten all their Halloween candy. As expected, there were different reactions. Here are the most hilarious ones.

Well, it’s a sure mood spoiler

Whether it’s a trick-or-treat bag or anything a kid treasures, you don’t expect a kid to smile when you take it from them. These two kids experienced Jimmy Kimmel’s harsh punishment.

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These two young siblings were having fun with their drawing when their mom gave them the bad news. Their moods changed in a millisecond– they cried angrily. The pained younger kid even called his parents “mean mum and dad.”

This kid probably thinks he was in a daze

While some kids give reactions that we can predict, some are shocking. Although they can’t hide the fact that they are hurt, they don’t cry, wail, or scream like many kids do. They are the real ‘mature kids.’

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This young guy was frantically searching for his valuable goodies when his dad gave him the news that he had eaten his treats. The kid, looking confused, asked his dad, “Are you kidding me?”. He asked about four times; he was pained!

A very sharp contrast of reactions

Speaking of differences in kids’ reactions, these kids depict it so well. In the video below, a woman told her kids that their treats were gone. The older sister stood still, making us wonder, do kids go into shock?

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What about the younger brother? It was the direct opposite reaction. He cried, knelt, and eventually lay on the floor, still crying out in pain. The gradual increase in his crying volume was also very dramatic.

Which other answer were they expecting?

Both crying kids and chill kids still have one thing in common; they are not happy their candy is gone! These two girls were chilling on the bed when their mom told them about the supposed candy theft.

Courtesy: YouTube

They cried and wailed; even a blind person could see how pained they were. They told their mom, “We don’t like you!” We find it funny how these girls’ mom still asks about what they already said- well, they affirmed their dislike again.

“It’s fine…No, I changed my mind”

This video is a funny reminder that everything and everyone has a limit. This young girl took things cool when her parents told her the bad news. She even assured them she could always get candies, so it’s no big deal.

Courtesy: YouTube

But her mom still pushed by telling her how good the candy tasted. Of course, it made the girl feel sad. She turned around and faced the window, away from them. Well, we don’t blame her. Who wouldn’t do the same or worse?

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