Thanksgiving Meals That Shouldn’t Be Shared; These Cooking Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Your Bad Cooking Skills

Thanksgiving meal is a festive meal that we always count down to; nobody ever wants to miss the mouthwatering Turkey. However, not all Thanksgiving meals turn out as planned or imagined. Some people see adorable meal ideas online and go all out to recreate them- only to be faced with a meal that nobody wants to touch. Here are five hilarious Thanksgiving meal fails.

Don’t step into the kitchen next Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is a festivity that makes people showcase their cooking skills, it’s also a period to reveal those who can never make it in the kitchen. Whoever made these mashed potatoes surely thought all ‘hacks’ were easy.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

According to this person, these mashed potatoes were made from baby potatoes because regular potatoes were unavailable. We wish someone had told them not to try this hack; now, the food looks like a chemical mixture. 

The type of blunder that makes kids scream

It’s not so unusual for food to get too much heat in the microwave or on the stove, resulting in burning. But you’ll agree with us that some extreme burning levels can scare younger ones in the house.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Well, in this Thanksgiving feast error, the turkey got so burnt that we can’t help but pity the unfortunate animal. It seems this person went to the lawn for fresh air while the turkey roasted and burned.

This turkey has experienced hardship

This particular feast-fail confuses us- we don’t know if charring it totally would even be a better experience for the turkey than this. Of course, this turkey isn’t burnt, but hasn’t it experienced worse than that?

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

The turkey has surely been overcooked to the highest limits. We wonder if the turkey was boiled, then fried, then roasted slightly, then boiled again. What else can explain how it came apart so badly?

Thank goodness we can always skip the cake

We always appreciate the extra effort put into satisfying people at the dining table- until it produces a negative result, then we’re asking, ‘Was it compulsory?’ This person’s monster cake is definitely uncalled for.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

Setting your eyes on this monstrous cake can almost make you lose your appetite. Why are those teeth there in the first place? Weren’t the misaligned eyes creepy enough? Well, it’s a good thing it isn’t the main dish.

Not the type of stuffing we know

Stuffed turkey is a variant of the delicious roast turkey that we love. However, we never knew it could also go wrong until we saw this puke-inducing excuse for a stuffed turkey.

Courtesy: Buzzfeed

You don’t have to look closely to see that this turkey seems to be vomiting the filling. We don’t think anything can be more disgusting than this on the dining table. Whoever cooked it should be the one to eradicate the imaginary vomit.

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