The Gift That Keeps on Giving: These Christmas Design Fails Are too Funny Not To Share

We don’t need any more indicators to tell us we’re already in the holiday season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, different festive periods feature unique designs and decorations. As for Christmas designs, they are probably the easiest to pull off because there are many concepts to go with. These design fails will tell you that these designs aren’t so easy after all.

This goes both ways, right?

Some mistakes are blatant. You don’t need to think twice to know it wasn’t intended. Other mistakes, however, make you doubt it wasn’t intentional. This design is one of those unbelievable mistakes.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Although we can see the stars that tell us it’s a Christmas design, that’s not where our attention goes, you’ll agree. The lack of space between ‘wise’ and ‘men’ makes us wonder what ‘semen’ is doing on the design. Imagine what happens when a kid asks what ‘semen’ means.

We have evergreen trees…and busty trees

We were all taught in elementary school that humans have some attributes that other living things, like trees, don’t have. It seems like whoever designed this one-dimensional Christmas tree didn’t believe in that distinction.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Just from a glance, you already know something unusual about the tree. Why would someone design a tree and give it breasts? Were those dots really necessary? Whoever buys these busty trees must have a sense of humor.

Oops, at least we know what was intended

Spelling errors are not a big deal. Sometimes, our hands seem to work faster than our brains– and then we strike them out and correct ourselves. But it’s a different ball game when the error cannot be corrected.

Courtesy: Pinterest

This person clearly wanted to write ‘Thankful’ but ended up writing something that made no sense. This is one of those mistakes that are ‘set in stone.’ Well, it’s good that people can still guess that ‘Thankful’ was the intended word.

Oh no, not our snowman

There are some not-so-nice characters in most Christmas stories, but Snowman isn’t one of them. Aside from being clad in pure white, snowman isn’t a demon-ish creature.

Courtesy: Pinterest

But this person has turned our snowman dreams into nightmares! The red-orange muffler thingy makes the snowman look creepy. Don’t even get us started on the lips that look bloodstained and interconnected with the nose. This is traumatizing.

A remnant from Halloween

Halloween and Christmas are different in the sense that the former is about scary themes while the former is about lighthearted themes. It seems this designer doesn’t understand this difference.

Courtesy: Pinterest

Of course, when you look closely, you can see that the tree ornament is a depiction of baby Jesus. But doesn’t it look like someone’s big toe from a glance? How can this not scare a kid?

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