Five Hilarious Excuses People Actually Used to Get Out of Work

Work can sometimes feel overwhelming, prompting employees to come up with creative excuses to take a day off. From absurd mishaps to outlandish tales, these excuses often border on the unbelievable. While some may be genuine emergencies, others are simply too bizarre to be true. Here are five real-life excuses that employees have actually used to get out of work, leaving their managers scratching their heads and their coworkers in fits of laughter.

The “Alien Abduction” Excuse

One employee claimed they were abducted by aliens on their way to work, insisting they had the extraterrestrial evidence to prove it. Can you prove it? No, but you can’t unprove it either.

Courtesy: Reddit

Despite lacking any concrete proof, they maintained their story, leaving coworkers amused and skeptical in equal measure.

The “Pet Psychic Appointment” Excuse

Another employee cited a crucial appointment with a pet psychic as the reason for their absence, explaining that they needed to communicate with their cat about its dietary preferences.

Courtesy: Memedroid

While some coworkers found the excuse amusing, others couldn’t help but wonder if the cat had any insightful predictions about office politics.

The “Haunted House” Excuse:

A particularly imaginative employee blamed their absence on being trapped inside a haunted house overnight, claiming they spent the night evading ghosts and solving puzzles to escape.

Courtesy: Someecards 

While their coworkers applauded their commitment to storytelling, they couldn’t help but wonder if they had simply binge-watched too many horror movies.

The “Extreme Gardening” Excuse:

One employee called in sick, citing an unexpected bout of extreme gardening as the cause of their absence. They claimed to have been so engrossed in pruning their shrubs and planting flowers that they lost track of time and forgot to call in sick until it was too late.

Courtesy: Memedroid

While their dedication to their garden was admirable, their timing left much to be desired.

The “Safari Adventure” Excuse:

Lastly, an adventurous employee claimed to have embarked on an impromptu safari adventure, encountering lions, elephants, and even a mischievous monkey that stole their phone, preventing them from calling in to work.

Courtesy: Twitter

While their coworkers marveled at the exotic excuse, they couldn’t help but wonder if the employee had simply taken a trip to the local zoo instead.

These excuses may be far-fetched, but they serve as a reminder that sometimes truth is indeed stranger than fiction in the world of work.

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