Who Would’ve Thought That Fish Could Look So Hilarious?

When a person feels ugly or funny-looking, they use make-up to appear more attractive to others. And if that doesn’t work, they save money and change their appearance with plastic surgery, right? However, if a fish isn’t exactly cute… well, it has no choice but to embrace it. Today, we’ll introduce you to six aquarium creatures that look too hilarious for their own good. Get ready to laugh like never before because their expressions are genuinely one of a kind!

Go to the dentist, please!

Until now, we thought that no fish had a set of pearly whites. However, the triggerfish is here to prove us wrong, as this species has large teeth that help it feed on sea urchins, mollusks, crustaceans, and even coral.

Image courtesy of adlayasanimals.wordpress.com

We’re no one to judge other individuals’ appearance, but don’t you think that this fish should worry more about its teeth? It’d be great if it went to the dentist or something like that. Perhaps a fluoride treatment and braces may make it look much prettier!

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