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The internet is one of the places where new words are formed; people develop slang to communicate faster and more effectively over text- then these slangs spread. It’s quite interesting that every generation has peculiar slang. Today, there are different slang words to keep you clueless, especially when texting. That’s why we’ve dedicated this article to sharing five of these slang terms and what they mean. Here you go!


Drip is one slang that has been given a different meaning from what it used to be. Drip was a slang used to describe a boring or unattractive person during the older generations. Now, the meaning isn’t even similar.

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Drip is used as a kind of compliment today. People use drip to describe someone’s sexy or fashionable style or look. So when someone mentions your drip, they are talking about your stylish appearance. Many credit Zoey 101 for originating the slang.


You may have heard someone say they are high-key rooting for someone. What that means is that they are openly invested in it. High key means ‘extremely’ or ‘openly’; it’s an open feeling you don’t mind putting out there. Low-key is on the other side.

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Low-key means an indirect or subtle feeling you don’t want to put in the open; it’s more like some kind of hidden or background feeling. When someone says they are low-key sad about something, it means they won’t show it.

OK, Boomer

Have you come across this slang in someone’s comment on a popular Twitter or Reddit post? OK, Boomer is one of those slangs that aren’t for only one generation- the Millennials and Gen Z use it. They even invented the slang.

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OK, Boomer is a witty retort people use in dismissing condescending things about younger generations. When people of older generations(like the baby boomers) post patronizing things about younger ones, OK Boomer is used as an ironic dismissal in response.


Made popular by social media personality Kai Cenat in his dating videos, rizz became a slang word about two years ago. Linguists think rizz was coined from the middle of ‘charisma.’ So, do you smile or frown when someone talks about your rizz?

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Like the older slang ‘game,’ rizz is used to refer to someone’s ability to charm a potential lover. While this slang doesn’t mean pursuing men or women, it means one’s skill in seducing or captivating a potential partner. There you have it.


This slang is a suffix, which means it’s always combined with another word. One of the oldest uses of this slang is probably in the 1992 novel Snow Crash, where the author coined the word ‘metaverse.’ So what does -verse mean?

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The suffix ‘-verse’ is usually used to refer to a specific environment, realm, or ‘world’. People have gotten creative with the use of this slang in recent times. For instance, Twilightverse means the fictional world of the Twilight series; and you’re in the slangverse.

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