Nobody Would Regret Seeing These Iconic “Friends” Episodes

There’s a reason why Friends was a hit. Today’s youth grew up watching the show’s re-runs on cable TV, while their parents followed their adventures with a relatability that only comes from watching people your age struggle with the same issues. Some soundbites or gestures of the series have even become ingrained in pop culture. Who hasn’t used the gesture Monica and Ross invented as a replacement for giving someone the middle finger? Or hasn’t sung along to Phoebe’s hit single “Smelly Cat”? Let’s see some of the best moments in the series. 

When Ross said Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s

Everybody knew that Ross and Rachel were endgame, but by the end of season four, it seemed like the creators wouldn’t give us what we wanted. Nevertheless, the plot twist at the end gave everybody newfound hope.

Photo: NBCUniversal

We’re talking, of course, about Ross and Emily’s infamous wedding in London. Needless to say, the groom calling Rachel’s name instead of his bride-to-be’s went down in history and cemented the feeling that the two friends were meant to be.

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