Remember Bruce’s Powerslide on Stage? Here Are the Most Hilarious Super Bowl Performance Fails

The Super Bowl is the most-watched yearly TV broadcast in America. The halftime musical performance is probably more famous because it helps you release some tension from the first half of the game (and is the only part of the game many of us not interested in sports care about). However, while there have been several amazing performances, those funny fails do deserve to be remembered, don’t they? Here are the funniest halftime performance fails in history.

Indiana Jones: A laughable miss

For the 1995 Super Bowl halftime show, the then-new Disneyland’s “Temple of the Forbidden Eye” inspired the Indiana Jones theme. In the first three minutes alone, stuntmen in flaming parachutes dropped onto the field. That’s not even the funniest part.

Courtesy: B R

The show included hundreds of dancers in high feathered hats, featuring Tony Bennett, Patti LaBelle, Miami Sound Machine, and Arturo Sandoval. LaBelle failed at pretending to lip-sync, and Bennett looked lost as he sang. The Indiana Jones sketches were hilarious!

Choreography gone very, very wrong

The 2004 Super Bowl halftime show remains one of the most disastrous occurrences on stage. Although the show also featured Kid Rock, P. Diddy, and Nelly, most people only remember Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Courtesy: The New Yorker

Justin Timberlake mistakenly exposed Janet Jackson’s right breast in what has been dubbed the ‘Nipplegate’ incident. Both of them apologized publicly, and CBS was fined $550,000 by the Federal Communications Commission.

The landslide that made the audience laugh out loud

During his Super Bowl halftime performance in 2009, Bruce Springsteen was so much in high spirits. He was so energetic that he even allowed the crowd to join his set. Turns out his energy was a tad too much.

Courtesy: YouTube

The rock singer ran from one end of the stage to the other, focusing on a powerslide. Well, some miscalculation sent him colliding with the camera operator so violently that he had to catch the operator from falling backward. He carried on with his performance, smiling.

A new heavy metal genre

The 2011 Super Bowl halftime performance, which featured The Black Eyed Peas, Slash, and Usher, reminded us that stage performance is different from studio sounds. 

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

As Slash played the memorable riff from “Sweet Child O’Mine,” Fergie joined him, replacing the Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose. The audience was disappointed that she channeled Axl’s voice when they were expecting her voice. Calling it a heavy metal or low-quality karaoke would be putting it mildly.

Left Shark: Getting into character?

During Katy Perry’s set at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime, she was faced with an issue that she couldn’t possibly solve on stage. Although the fault didn’t come from her, it was distracting.

Courtesy: The Independent

As she sang “California Girls,” a couple of 7-foot-tall dancing sharks performed a dance. However, one of the sharks, who was later identified as Left Shark, was out of step. He was moving awkwardly around the stage, confused, like a fish out of water.

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