Not Everyone Can Be Good At Flirting: Check Out The Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever Said

Ah, pick-up lines. Who hasn’t been a victim of someone who overuses them at least once? Although there’s proof that these cringe-worthy phrases are ineffective, people still don’t understand that they do nothing but push their romantic interests away. But this doesn’t mean that we can’t read some of them and have a good laugh. Today, we’ll go through the silliest pick-up lines in history for the sake of entertainment. We dare you to gather courage and tell your crush one of them once you’re done reading!

Breaking the ice

Finding a good conversation starter when looking forward to talking to your crush is quite challenging. What can you say that may make you seem attractive to the person you want to go out with?

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Certainly not this silly pick-up line. It’s clear that the person who sent it to their romantic interest took the idea of “breaking the ice” too seriously and ended up embarrassing themselves. Good look next time, Romeo!

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