TV Comedy Gold: From Friends to I Love Lucy, These Are the Funniest TV Show Episodes We’ve Ever Seen

Modern sitcoms always make us laugh away our stress after a long day, but nothing beats our beloved old sitcoms. However, some episodes from these iconic sitcoms didn’t just make us laugh; they inspired catchphrases and themes that we still remember today. This article is dedicated to five funny TV sitcom episodes that still make us laugh.

The Golden Girls (Ladies of the Evening)

“The Golden Girls” was one of those exciting sitcoms that defined TV entertainment in the 1980s. The show totally overturned general TV conventions about older women. Well, one of the show’s funniest episodes is Season 2, Episode 2.

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In the episode, Rose, Blanche, and Dorothy get tickets to attend a post-premiere movie party with Burt Reynolds. The funny part was when they were mistaken for prostitutes, and Sofia (who they left behind) was their only chance of getting bailed out.

The Office (Stress Relief)

“The Office” has a way of making us laugh, cringe, then laugh again. The movie features workplace occurrences that people are familiar with in their different fields. However, one of the funniest episodes was Season 5, Episode 13. 

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Stanley’s doctors advise him to keep his stress levels in check after Dwight’s fire alarm gave him a heart attack. The hilarious part was when the distracted employees rendered the CPR training session organized by Michael useless. They didn’t learn a thing in the lesson.

I Love Lucy (Job Switching)

This 1950s TV show is an iconic series that highlighted prevailing issues in a lighthearted way. In Season 2, Episode 1, the boys are upset about the girls’ irresponsible spending, and they decide to switch jobs.

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Lucy and Ethel went to work at the candy factory while the boys did housework- the faces Lucy made as she consumed chocolates still make us laugh today. The job switch theme has been adopted in several dramas and movies.

Everybody Loves Raymond (The Toaster)

We’ve all experienced situations where someone we like gives us a gift we don’t like. Well, trust “Everyone Loves Raymond” to turn an ordinary funny situation into an impressively hilarious episode.

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In Season 3, Episode 12, Ray’s parents immediately exchanged the toaster he gave them. However, when they found out that the toaster was uniquely engraved, they went to a store in an attempt to exchange it for Ray’s toaster.

Friends (The One Where Ross Got High)

“Friends” is another 90s TV show that we can never forget. The funny show combines family issues, bad cooking, cool roommates, and funny remarks. Well, this episode is one of the funniest moments on the show.

Courtesy: IMDb

When they are invited to hang out with Joey’s female roommate, Joey and Ross try to shelve their holiday obligations while Rachel tries to make dessert. Meanwhile, Ross was forced to explain why his parents didn’t like Chandler. Of course, it all ended in a hilarious tragedy.

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