Brr, It’s Cold In Here: Memes for People Who Hate the Winter and Cold 

Although the new year is approaching soon, we know that summer is still quite far from us. As the temperatures continue to drop, many people will soon begin to complain about countless things, from slippery snow to chilly air. Since many of these winter issues are relatable to most summer babies, many memes have been made about winter. Here are the funniest winter memes for those who dread the cold season.

The introduction that no one can miss

Different seasons have notable signifiers, but we sometimes miss these signs when the season isn’t in ‘full force’ yet. Well, the winter season isn’t one of those seasons whose arrival you won’t feel. 

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While your coworker might inform you it’s fall season after the first fall day, you don’t need to see the snow to know it’s winter time. The cold is more than enough to introduce the season to anybody.

Patience becomes an expensive virtue

While you rarely have to wait for anything in summer, the winter season comes with different things that you just have to wait out. For example, you have to wait for your car’s windshield to defrost.

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Well, you might be too late for work to wait and just decide to drive your car with the frosted windshield. The funny thing is that you’ll regret that decision when you realize the glass is taking forever to defrost, and you can barely see through!

They just like being different!

The cold weather during the winter makes it necessary for everyone to warm up their bodies in several ways. You’ll always want to wrap yourself up in bed- but a part of your body always proves stubborn.

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Even when your whole body is covered with two thick blankets, your feet can still be freezing. Eventually, you’ll have to leave the warmth of your bed for a few minutes to look for socks. 

It’s ‘sliding tackle’ season, people

The winter season gives people a perfect excuse to stay longer in bed- just that this often ends up in rushing to work. However, the condition of things on the streets makes matters worse- and quite hilarious.

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Walking fast on the snow-covered streets means you have to struggle against falling; you’ll literally be break-dancing in a bid to remain upright. May the odds always be in your favor!

You just don’t have any other option

The winter season is a period for you to dress in layers. The number of layers you wear depends on how cold it is where you stay and how warm you want your body to be. It’s a time to get to know the natural fashionistas!

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In the cold season, wearing several pieces of clothing isn’t a matter of choice; it’s a matter of survival. It’s a time for you to place comfort over fashion, although you can still look good while staying warm.

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