Forget Three Triangles, These Funny Pumpkin Carving Fails Will Show You Pumpkin Art Is Hard Work

Come October 31st, social media will be flooded with several people showing off artfully carved pumpkins. There are also always jack-o-lanterns that go wrong. Some of these pumpkin errors are just too hilarious to keep quiet. Aside from making you laugh, these pumpkin carving blunders will remind you to put in your best efforts. Here are five funny carving fails.

Something must have bashed Iron Man’s face in

It’s always so funny when someone tries to depict a character, and the result doesn’t look anything like what they planned. It’s like wearing a Halloween costume, and everyone is asking who you’re dressed as.


Without even thinking about who the pumpkin was supposed to look like, this carving is funny- it looks like an old man crying for help. To think that this was supposed to be an Iron Man replica is even funnier; why does he have a flat face?

Oh, Dwight wouldn’t like this!

Imagine you were a famous fictional character; you’d be flattered by people making representations of you everywhere, right? So, how would you feel about those ridiculous replicas of you? 


This picture is a representation of Dwight from The Office– or it was meant to be. Of course, this crooked face looks nothing like him. The left eye is significantly larger than the other one, and although we can see the nose and mouth, we don’t see Dwight.

Well, small isn’t synonymous with easy

When someone, in all their wisdom and skills, decides to do something out of the box and they fail- it’s always more than hilarious. We think that’s why this pumpkin carving is very funny.


Honestly, there are not many errors in this pumpkin carving- but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious. This person used a smaller pumpkin to get a better design, but the result was mismatched triangles at the wrong angles. Their innovation doesn’t work on pumpkins.

Spooky Bat: Help! I’m stuck here

Bats are synonymous with Halloween; even a kid knows that. But why don’t we see many pumpkin carvings involving bats? It’s because it’s not an easy task! So we’ll applaud this person for their skills. But?


The bat seems to have a mouth wide enough to fit an envelope. But the funniest part is the feathers of the bat that were stapled to the pumpkin, making the bat look trapped. Instead of haunting people on Halloween, this bat has been captured.

Is it an animal or just a random shape?

This is another of those Halloween representations that end up being something we’re absolutely clueless about. Looking closely at this pumpkin might give you an idea of what it was supposed to be; at least the ‘carver’ made a clue.


But what does this carving look like? To us, it looks like a puzzle piece- nothing more than that. When we saw that it was meant to be a cat, we only recognized the ears. So, it’s safe to say it was a carving involving a cat’s ears.

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