How Romantic! These Rom-Coms Have Earned A Place In Our Hearts

Is there anything better than falling in love? The great thing about romantic comedies is that they let us live the greatest love stories over and over again. We know that most people think this genre sucks, but in our opinion, they simply cannot appreciate just how beautiful these movies are! Although they are long past their peak, rom-coms are still a huge part of our culture. In fact, this list gathers some of the most relevant movies of this genre.

When Harry Met Sally

Any rom-com fan has watched When Harry Met Sally. This 1989 film has revolutionized the genre by discussing a controversial topic: men and women being friends. But did you know that it could have been completely different?

When Harry Met Sally... (1989) - IMDb
Image courtesy of IMDb

This love letter to New York City is perhaps one of the most iconic romantic movies. It stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, but the male lead almost went to Tom Hanks! Could you imagine this movie with the star of Castaway?

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