Funniest Super Bowl Commercials: These Commercials Are Notable For Giving Us ‘Laugh Breaks’

The Super Bowl comes with tension; everyone is calculating every player’s move and praying for their team to win. The commercials are a much-needed break from all that; they’ve become cultural staples that touch our hearts in different ways. If you only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, you definitely remember some iconic ones from over the years. Here are five of the funniest Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Puppy Monkey Baby

Airing in 2016, this Mountain Dew commercial was hilariously bizarre; it was one of those ads that made us wonder what brought about such an idea. The commercial was for the Mountain Dew Kickstart, a drink that combined caffeine, juice, and soda.

Courtesy: EW

The name ‘puppy monkey baby’ came from the dancing mascot that served the drink in the commercial. The mascot had a baby’s legs, a pug’s face, and a monkey’s body- could any combo be crazier? The dance at the end made it a popular sensation.

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

Reebok’s 2003 commercial depicted office mayhem for Super Bowl XXXVII. In the short video, Terry ‘Terrible’ Tate is an American football linebacker turned office enforcer- of course, it cracked everyone up.

Courtesy: YouTube

The commercial shows the relatable office issues in a funny way. Catchphrases from Tate (played by Lester Speight) like “You kill the joe, you make some mo” and “The pain train’s coming” remind us of the hilarious commercial. 

Puppy and Clydesdale

Budweiser has served us with several Super Bowl commercials, but remembering this 2015 ad still makes us laugh. It centers around the unlikely, heartwarming friendship between a puppy and Clydesdale.

Courtesy: YouTube

From when they met to puppy kissing Clydesdale on the snout and the duo becoming best friends, the commercial is funny in a cool way. What really makes us laugh is how the puppy-clydesdale friendship translates to selling more beer.

Alexa the mind-reader

We all have a love-hate relationship with tech, and the real-life couple in this 2022 Amazon commercial depicted it hilariously. In the ad, Amazon’s Alexa seems to be the other woman intruding in Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost’s marriage.

Courtesy: YouTube

Scarlett complains that Alexa seems to be able to read minds- then she gets into a funny dream sequence where Alexa spills her secrets. Scarlet’s comedic acting made the ad hilarious; we didn’t know she could be such a comedian.

“Where’s the beef?”

In this 1984 Super Bowl commercial, Wendy’s claimed that their burgers had sufficient beef, unlike the burgers from other restaurants that were ‘all bread and no beef’. Of course, they threw shade at McDonald’s and Burger King.

Courtesy: Yahoo

The question ‘Where’s the beef?’ came from three old ladies- and that was the most hilarious part of the commercial. People still ask the funny question today. 

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