Band Name Origins: Discover the Weird Stories Behind the Formation of These Popular Band Names

Band names are a form of identity for a musical band- we can know the type of music to expect from a band when we hear their name. However, many unique band names make us wonder how anyone could have brought them up. This article is about those interesting band names and how they were formed or selected. Let’s get into it.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters is one of the craziest band names we’ve ever heard. It perplexes us about how the name came to be. Relax; it doesn’t have anything to do with fighting.

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

When Dave Grohl recorded the Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut album in 1995, he was studying unidentified flying objects (UFOs). He decided to choose the name Foo Fighters, which was a term used by military pilots in the World War II era to describe UFOs.

Crowded House

This is another unconventional band name with a funny story behind it. This group of New Zealand pop classicists was initially called The Mullanes, but then they decided to change to a more sellable name.

Courtesy: ABC

The name Crowded House is peculiar to the group as it depicts a part of their history. Nick Seymour, the group’s bassist, always invited people to their Hollywood apartment, making the house crowded- that is, making it a crowded house.

Cage The Elephant

There is no denying the fact that this band name ranks high on the list of unusual band names. This name came from a random source- a source that people wouldn’t normally pay attention to. 

Courtesy: Roling Stone

After a show in Tennessee, the Kentucky band ran into a nutter who gave the band its name. The nutter hugged singer Matthew Shultz while saying, “You have to cage the elephant” repeatedly. Funny enough, the band decided to adopt the name. 


While some band names were formed after a significant occurrence, others were formed on a whim. This band name falls under the latter category; there was no deep significance to the choice of the name. 

Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker claim that the third band member, Tom De Longe, randomly came up with the name ‘Blink’. As for the ‘182’ suffix, it didn’t become a part of their band name until they were almost sued by an Irish band also called Blink.

Daft Punk

Have you ever wondered if the name Daft Punk doesn’t sound like an insult to the band members themselves? You know, no one would be happy about being called daft. Crazy enough, these guys couldn’t care less about that.

Courtesy: Britannica

Darlin’s ‘Cindy so Loud’ was described by writer Dave Jennings in the 1993 Melody Maker singles column as a ‘daft punky thrash.’ The writer wouldn’t have expected the band members to use the phrase for their band’s new name. Talk about gutsy payback!

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