These Funny Pictures Show Us That Baby Beauty Might Actually Be an Acquired Look

We all commonly say that babies are cute and adorable– the mere imagination of a newborn baby fills our minds with everything pure and beautiful. But are babies always aesthetically perfect, or is it just a psychological expectation? Well, considering the newborn pictures posted by these parents on the internet, you won’t argue with us that sometimes babies grow into beauty. 

“Oh, could that be a smile?”

Babies are generally expressive, whether they are asleep or awake. However, some baby expressions can scare the crap out of a grownup–and we’re not even talking about frowning.

Courtesy: TikTok

This baby is definitely not smiling, but the shape of her mouth is something, isn’t it? It’s like the nurse poked her wrong, and she’s protesting. To be fair, the hand around her neck might be tight.

It must have been stressful up there

While some babies give us the impression that where they came from is a peaceful place, others make us wonder if they were engaged in some kind of hard labor up there. This baby surely belongs to the second group.

Courtesy: Reddit

From the creases in the baby’s forehead, one can’t help but wonder if he signed up for a mathematics masterclass before he was born. Well, jokes aside, he’ll become a cute baby boy with those creases stretched out in the next few months.

The young man has serious business to face

When you just glance at some babies, you already have a picture of how they’ll look when they grow up. But some babies’ faces don’t just hint at their future faces; they hint at their future occupations! You don’t believe us?

Courtesy: Medium

This little old man looks like an angry tax agent; you’ve gotta concur. You can imagine him whacking you with a register for delaying him. As the years go by, though, the angry face will become a charming one. 

Oh, you mean there aren’t beards?

While some babies are on the ugly newborns’ list for having some grandparent features, others are on the list for looking like real old people. This baby looks like a man in his 50s.

Courtesy: imgur

The only thing missing on this baby’s face is the beard. You can almost hear a deep bass voice just by looking at his photo. The good thing is that the worst is over, and he can only look younger from here on.

Of course, nothing is funny

As much as they cry a lot in the first few months of their lives, babies smile a lot. However, sometimes, babies make some weird faces that make you wonder if you took something of theirs.

Courtesy: TikTok

Although the baby can’t possibly talk yet, you can imagine him saying, “What’s so funny?”. Well, aside from the no-nonsense look, imagining this baby smiling already tells you he’ll grow up to be a real cutie.

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