Relatable Mistakes of Reddit: These Epic Fails Are Cringe and Hilarious

Humans are far from perfect; we make mistakes often and even learn from them. But then, you’ll agree that some mistakes are funnier than others. From misinterpreted statements to miscalculated actions, several reasons lead to hilarious mistakes. On the popular subReddit, ‘Today I Fucked Up(TIFU),’ people share their funniest and most embarrassing mistakes. Here are five of the most epic mistakes.

With or without an explanation, this is embarrassing

Have you ever been in a situation where the most explicit explanation can’t stop you from feeling mortified? This person was in such a situation, and we can imagine how awkward it was for him.

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This Redditor was listening to a Reddit story at work when his boss walked in and accused him of watching pornographic content at work. Of course, he laughed and denied it.

Randomly picking things never did anyone good

We often do things with good intentions but get bad results because we probably just ‘jumped’ into it. This Redditor’s experience will always remind them to think twice before picking things they didn’t drop.

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This person handpicked garbage, which turned out to be drug stuff, from the parking lot of their fave hiking spot. Due to the fear of their skin absorbing the drugs, this Redditor started to panic. Although their skin didn’t absorb the drug, at that time, it made them panic and even call 911!

It’s always safe to start small

There is a reason our parents tell us to always start small when exploring new things– well, this Redditor learned it the hard way. She chugged 10oz of cold brew coffee because she thought half of the bottle wasn’t working.

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Not until her heart began to beat faster and she felt the desperate need to visit the toilet did she know she made a mistake. Apparently, she had consumed about 300mg of caffeine. We can’t help but laugh about how discomforting it would have been to be unable to use the toilet.

If only roles could be reversed…

Many people are guilty of flashing their high beams for the most random reasons. While we often get away with it, it’s a different story when a cop gets involved. In this Redditor’s case, the cop was more than involved.

Courtesy: Freepik/Reddit

Thinking it was an unreasonable jerk, this Redditor flashed their headlights at a cop. Although the cop’s headlights were also on, he still accused this Redditor of having theirs on. We find it hilarious and impressive that they had the balls to accuse the cop in return.

The things love makes us do

It’s always a problem when two people or things are too identical; it’s even a bigger problem when they are phones with PINs. This Redditor couldn’t unlock her phone, so she had to opt for a factory reset.

Courtesy: Freepik/Reddit

She didn’t realize it was her husband’s phone until after the factory reset. Apparently, their phones were the same type, with the same picture as the lock screen image- romantic but impractical, right? Fortunately, he was able to get most of his information back. 

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