Extra Bizarre: It Is Hard To Believe That These Toilets Actually Exist!

The world is way more bizarre than we might think, but most of us just never get to experience it. However, thanks to the Internet, we can see the craziest inventions out there. What pops into your head when you think of a toilet? A white, plain bowl where you do your deeds, right? Well, it looks like some people think of theirs as opportunities to make creepy art, and even the favorite characters of our childhood are not safe. Do not believe us? Look at these insane toilets that seem straight out of an insane nightmare!

Poopy Tunes

No matter your age, the Looney Tunes have probably been a major part of your childhood. In fact, we bet you that even had something with their faces on them, like a backpack, a T-shirt or a notebook…

Image courtesy of Pinterest

A few decades ago, these cartoons returned to the spotlight after the remake of the 1996 animated film Space Jam, which had also been a success. However, it is highly unlikely that any child would want to go to the bathroom on a Bugs Bunny toilet.

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