Howl-o-ween Clapbacks: Hilarious Dog Reactions to Halloween Costumes

Dressing up pets for Halloween is part of the holiday tradition. From amazingly impressive to downright crazy dog costumes, we’ve seen several costumes that made us react differently. However, we don’t pay much attention to the pups’ reaction to these costumes. So, we’re dedicating this article to funny dog reactions to Halloween costumes.

Scuba-diving pooch: Can we get this over with?

If we’re being real, most of the dog Halloween costumes are not so practical- but that does not, in any way, limit the appeal of these costumes. However, sometimes, the dog doesn’t key into the whole concept of their costume.

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In this picture, the dog is sporting a scuba diver costume. The poor dog is clearly confused about all the tubes and plastic bottles around it. It’s probably only posing for the camera because he has no other option- he is so not having fun.

Fun? Yeah, this pooch is having a full dose

Dogs are fun to play with, and that’s what makes it easy to dress them up. While you’re sure of your dog’s excitement when dressed in a colorful cape, you can’t be sure of their reaction when dressing them into a whole concept.

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Well, this pooch surely made it easy for their pet parent. The dog is excitedly carrying out its magical duties. The dog kills the look from the magician’s hat and gloves to the wand and metallic waistcoat. 

Hotdog cart: Get me out of here, please!

Most of the popular dog Halloween costumes involve dressing up your pets as fictional characters, from Barbie to Miss Muffet. This explains why seeing dogs dressed up as the most random things is always interesting.

Courtesy: Pinterest

In this picture, this is literally a hot dog cart. With a glance at the dog’s face, you can surely tell that it’s not feeling the fun vibe. It looks like the pooch feels trapped, which makes us wonder how difficult it is for the dog to move beneath that cart.

This dog is probably going to wreck- for real

One of the most brilliant dogs Halloween costumes are those that incorporate a whole scene- when done properly, they look very impressive. This wrecking ball isn’t just about the dog; a fake Miley Cyrus is doing her thing.

Courtesy: Pinterest

However, we can’t deny the look on the pug’s face. Although the tarpaulin balloon thingy might not deter the dog from moving, it’s definitely an inconvenience. The pug looks like it’s going to cry if it’s made to stand there for one more minute.

Did someone order a chicken bucket?

This is one of those concepts you don’t come across every day; it is innovative and mind-blowing. The effort this pet owner put into making this KFC chicken bucket and chicken costume for the pooch certainly paid off.

Courtesy: Pinterest

However, aside from the beauty of the costume, the dog’s adorably calm reaction is impressive. The cute dog is cool with being the chicken in the bucket. With its front limbs on the bucket, the dog is chilling like it’s on a swing.

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